December 19: Breakfast


Our school does a thank-you breakfast the Friday before Christmas Break.  The teachers make breakfast for all the parents.  I always have child care kids on Friday mornings.  Last year I opted to stay home and not juggle extra kids.  I sent the husband with our own three instead.  I honestly missed all the egg casseroles and muffins.

So this year I said I would try it–toddlers and all.  The picture above is our crew and only one kid in the pictures is ours.  My older two are sitting with friends.  The toddlers did great and enjoyed being a part of the morning.  Honestly it is not as stressful handling other people’s kids as it is your own–why is that?

December 17: Youth Group Christmas Party

IMG_2187I have been doing youth ministry for many years.  I am slowly nearing the point where my own kids are old enough to be my youth group kids–never thought I would see that day.  I have learned so much from the middle schoolers and high schoolers that have touched my life the past fourteen or so years.  I am thankful for each one of them.  This is a picture from our Christmas party tonight.

December 15: Relax

IMG_0238The week before Christmas can be overly busy and full for pastors.  So why not take an evening to rest at home, watch reruns of The Office, and curl up with the cat you never really wanted to get…but has grown on you over the years.  Except for the fact she almost knocked over your ipad during the night…guess she lost some points on that one.